L’Oreal INOA Hair Color

Jodi Salvatore uses L'Oreal INOA Ammonia-Free Professional Hair Color in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona

Jodi Salvatore uses L’Oreal INOA Ammonia-Free Professional Hair Color for long-lasting color like you’ve never experienced.

Jodi is proud to be one of the few stylists in Arizona to use L’Oreal Professional’s truly revolutionary INOA ammonia-free hair color. If you’ve never experienced INOA hair color before, you owe it to yourself and your hair to visit Jodi for an introduction to your hair color future. INOA means “Innovation: No Ammonia”.

Scottsdale master colorist and hair stylist Jodi Salvatore is an expert and an artist, and can make any color dream become a reality. She uses the latest techniques and follows current trends while maintaining the safety and integrity of the hair leaving it healthy and conditioned. Hair color is Jodi’s passion and she knows the craft inside and out. She is meticulous with her methods, and her results are consistently gorgeous. Whether you’re covering gray, changing color, or maintaining your current look, Jodi is the best.

It is Jodi’s belief that the initial consultation is the most important element for success. You can count on Jodi to give you her honest opinion, and she’ll never compromise the integrity and health of your hair. Come in for a thorough, honest evaluation and consultation where Jodi will help you determine the color and style that best suits you. Bring photos and feel free to ask questions.

Jodi’s association with  L’Oreal Professionnel has kept her current and knowledgeable on the latest trends and techniques. L’Oreal Professionnel products, used in the world’s best salons, are the #1 professional brand worldwide.

Unlike many other hair color products, L’Oreal INOA is ammonia free, which means no more foul smell. The INOA permanent color line employs an odorless, itch-free “oil delivery system” which results in your hair being as soft and smooth as it was before the color was applied – an uncommon result with most typical ammonia-based hair colors.  Although L’Oreal didn’t invent ammonia-free hair color, they absolutely perfected it, and believe in “Supreme Respect for the Hair”. Some reasons to try INOA permanent hair color:

  • Uncompromised Comfort
  • No ammonia. No odor
  • Optimized scalp comfort
  • Rapid self-emulsifying liquid
  • Incredible smooth, velvety texture
  • Exact and predictable color palette: True neutralizing cool shades, vibrant and luminous warm shades
  • Exceptionally even colors from scalp to ends
  • Coverage of up to 100% gray hair

Expand your hair color horizon with L’Oreal INOA and Contact Jodi today.

L'Oreal Professional INOA Ammonia-Free Hair Color